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Pests in the Northeastern United States

Editors: W.T. Wilsey, C.R. Weeden, and A.M. Shelton

Onion Thrips - Damage to Cabbage
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Thrips are a serious pest of cabbage in the Northeast. Their feeding causes small, silvery areas with black specks on the frame leaves, and bronze, rough areas on and in the head. Thrips feeding and presence on cabbage presents a cosmetic and contamination problem rather than a reduction in yield. However, excessive amounts of damage on or in the heads may make them unmarketable. Thrips damage on a green leaf is more subtle than on the inner white leaves of the head. Excessive amounts of the latter type of damage may make the heads unacceptable for fresh market and processing cabbage. Click for larger image

How to manage onion thrips on cabbage and crucifers
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Some information on this page taken from Insects of Onions and Cabbage: Cornell Cooperative Extension factsheet number 102GFS750.75 authored by J. T. Andaloro and A. M. Shelton.

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