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This WWW site will help to increase crop pest diagnosis and IPM information capability among extensionists and farmers of developing countries. Improvement in pest identification and pest biology and ecology will allow an increase in the adoption of IPM practices to control crop pest problems. This electronic publication covers the basics of pest recognition and scouting, ecology, biology and control strategies for each pest. With this information extensionists and farmers will be able to identify their pest problems and adopt IPM practices for their control. The information and pictures provided here can be printed or downloaded for further use.

To find information about a specific pest, select the index with which you are most familiar. Return buttons to the home page and indexes are located on the bottom of each page, or you can use your browser's "Back" button to return to the previously viewed page.


CROPS: Select the crop option to search the crops that are covered on this site. For each crop a list of pests with photographs will guide you to your final selection.

PESTS: Select the pest option to search for the pest type. For each pest category a list of pest by common name, scientific name and taxonomic classification is provided.

DAMAGE: Select the damage option to search for the type of damage and the plant part that is affected.

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  • CIIFAD, Cornell University and their employees assume no liability for the effectiveness or results of any IPM practice, nor chemicals for pesticide usage. No endorsement of named or illustrated products is intended, nor is criticism implied of similar products that are not mentioned or illustrated.

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