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Rearing Diamondback Moth


Video- rearing DBM on artificial diet and foliage. Rear DBM Video

The following is a 30 minute video entitled, "Rearing Diamondback Moth on Artificial Diet and Foliage." The video is presented for viewing online as well as available in a DVD format. If you are interested in obtaining a physical copy (DVD) of this video, contact Hilda Collins.


Watch it Here!

Rearing Diamondback Moth on Artificial Diet and Foliage, Windows users can Right Click and select "Save Link as....". MAC Users will hit control+click and select "Save Link as...." . (File size = 152.5MB)


Rear DBM Writeup

Techniques for Rearing Plutella xylostella at Cornell's New York State Agricultural Experiment Station is available. Please click here to get its word file.