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The management of diamondback moth and other crucifer pests

Proceedings of the First International Workshop, 11-15 March, 1985, Tainan, Taiwan 


Biology and Ecology

1. Population dynamics of the diamondback moth in southern Ontario D.G. Harcourt

2. Studies on diamondback moth in Venezuela with reference to other Latin American countries Pedro J. Salinas

3. Diamondback moth in Malaysia Peter A.C. Ooi

4. Diamondback moth in Indonesia Soelaksono Sastrodihardjo

5. Diamondback moth and its control in Japan Tatsuo Koshihara

6. Bionomics of the diamondback moth in the northwestern Himalaya P. Bhalla and J.K. Dubey

7. Bioecology and management of diamondback moth in India S. Chelliah and K. Srinivasan

8. The migration of diamondback moth Yau-I Chu

9. Taxonomic notes on the diamondback moth Sigeru Moriuti

10. Mass rearing of diamondback moth Roger F. Hou Discussion

Sex Pheromone

11. Morphological and biological evidence for the presence of a male sex pheromone of the diamondback moth Y. S. Chow, Y.M. Lin, and H.J. Teng

12. Ecological approach to male diamondback moth response to sex pheromone C.J. William Maa Discussion


13. Resistance in crucifers to diamondback moth and other lepidopterous pests C.J. Eckenrode, M.H. Dickson, and J. Lin

14. Breeding for diamondback moth resistance in Brassica oleracea M. H. Dickson, C.J. Eckenrode, and J. Lin

15. Intercropping and modification of irrigation method for the control of diamondback moth N.S. Talekar, S.T. Lee, and S.W. Huang Discussion

Biological Control

16. Biological control of diamondback moth Guan-Soon Lim

17. Evaluation of three parasites in the biological control of diamondback moth in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia T.H. Chua and P.A.C. Ooi

18. Status of biological control of diamondback moth by introduction of parasitoid Diadegma eucerophagain Indonesia S. Sastrosiswojo and S. Sastrodihardjo

19. Impact assessment of Apanteles plutellae on diamondback moth using an insecticide-check method Guan-Soon Lim, A. Sivapragasam, and M. Ruwaida

20. Pathology and morphogenesis of a granulosis virus of the diamondback moth Tetsu Asayama

21. The control of diamondback moth with Thuricide E. Brunner and P.F.E. Stevens

22. The pathogens of diamondback moth and their potential for its control - a review Neil Wilding Discussion

Chemical Control

23. Botanical insecticides against the diamondback moth B. Morallo-Rejesus

24. The potential use of CME 134 for the control of vegetable pests P. Becker

25. Insecticidal activity of MK-139 (CME 134) against diamondback moth Yohichi Kohyama

26. Hoe 522 (CME 134), a new insect growth regulator for control of the diamondback moth A. Sagenmueller and E. Rose

27. The status and effectiveness of IKI-7899 in controlling diamondback moth in the lowlands and highlands of Malaysia Jung Lee Lim and Chin Kok Khoo

28. Control of diamondback moth in southeast Asia by profenofos Jose I. Calderon and Colin J. Hare

29. Chemical control of diamondback moth in Japan with special reference to cartap M. Sakai

30. Present status of insecticidal control of diamondback moth in Thailand Winai Rushtapakornchai and Anan Vattanatangum

31. Effect of insecticides on various field strains of diamondback moth and its parasitoid in Indonesia Mohammad Iman, Dandi Soekarna, Jestmandt Situmorang, I. Made Garus Adiputra, and lshak Manti Discussion

Insecticide Resistance

32. The resistance, cross resistance, and chemical control of diamondback moth in Taiwan Edward Yun Cheng

33. Studies on the mechanism of diamondback moth resistance to insecticides Tadashi Miyata, Tetsuo Saito, and Virapong Noppun

34. Insecticide resistance in diamondback moth C.N. Sun, T.K. Wu, J.S. Chen, and W.T. Lee

35. Effects of synergists on the toxicity of fenvalerate to pyrethroid-resistant diamondback moth H. Takeda, S. Sugaya, T. Itoh, K. Kasamatsu, I. Nakayama, and K. Kawachi

36. Diamondback moth resistance to synthetic pyrethroids: How to overcome the problem with deltamethrin Robert Yeh, Andrew Whipp, and Jean-Pierre Trijau

37. Factors inducing resurgence in the diamondback moth after application of methomyl Hisashi Nemoto Discussion

Integrated Control

38. Integrated control of diamondback moth and other insect pests using an overhead sprinkler system, an insecticide, and biological control agents, on a watercress farm in Hawaii Larry M. Nakahara, John J. McHugh, Jr., Clarence K. Otsuka, George Y. Funasaki, and Po-Yung Lai

39. Ecology and control thresholds of the diamondback moth on crucifers in Taiwan C.N. Chen, and W.Y. Su

40. Developments in diamondback moth management in the Philippines E. D. Magallona Discussion

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