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Cornell Community Conference on Biological Control - April 11-13, 1996

Editor's Note

These Proceedings mark an attempt to use the World Wide Web to make current information from Cornell University and the Biological Control community available promptly to an international audience. It is a pleasure to present the Proceedings of the Cornell Community Conference on Biological Control.

Several of the presentations in the Proceedings were submitted as manuscripts by the authors, and these manuscripts are presented without notation after the author's name.

*However, when speakers were unable to submit manuscripts, the editor took notes from the videotaped talks. The intention was to capture in written form the essence of the presentation, including major points and facts, but not necessarily using the speakers' own words. These edited presentations include, after the speakers' names, this notation: "(prepared from the videotaped presentation*)". Speakers were given the opportunity to make corrections, but where points and/or facts may have been misconstrued, the editor must take full responsibility.

Cathy Weeden
 Proceedings Editor for the World Wide Web
October 29, 1996

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