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Peter Jentsch

Peter J. Jentsch
Extension Associate

Department of Entomology
 Cornell University’s Hudson Valley  Lab
 P.O. Box 727, 3357 Rt. 9W
 Highland, NY 12528
Office: 845-691-7151
Cell: 845-417-7465
FAX: 845-691-2719

2005 M.S. University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Entomology
1982 B.A. S.U.N.Y. at New Paltz, New Paltz, NY; Education
1978 A.A.S. S.U.N.Y. at Morrisville, Morrisville, NY; Natural Resources Conservation

Division of Effort
50% research, 50% extension on arthropod pests of pome fruit, vegetables and grape in Eastern NY.

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Historical Perspectives on Apple Production: Fruit Tree Pest Management, Regulation and New Insecticidal Chemistries.


   Selected Publications and Presentations

Recent Extension and Non-refereed Journals

  • P. J. Jentsch 2007.   Obliquebanded Leafroller Management for Apple Production: Investigating Strategies for Resistance Management with Emerging Insecticide Tools. New York Fruit Quarterly, Fall Issue
  • P. J. Jentsch 2007.   Pear Psylla Management Strategies: Investigating The Use Of Kaolin Clay And Summer Oil For Commercial And Organic Pest Management In NY Pear Production. New York Fruit Quarterly, Summer Issue (view pdf )
  • P. J. Jentsch 2007.   Much Obliqued: Summer OBLR Management Options. Scaffolds Vol.16 No. 14 June 17 (view pdf)
  • P. J. Jentsch 2007.   A Petal Fall Preview. Living with the OP transition or transforming to a Non-OP Insect Pest Management Program from Petal Fall to First Cover ? Scaffolds Vol.8 No. 10, May 7 (view pdf)
  • D. R. Rosenberger and P. J. Jentsch, 2007. Controlling Fabraea Fruit And Leaf Spot On Pears. Scaffolds No. 10, May 21 (view pdf)
  • P. J. Jentsch 2007.   Hudson Valley Psylla Management Options From Pre-Bloom to Petal Fall Scaffolds No. 10, May 21 (view pdf)


  • CCE Orange & Ulster County Onion & Vegetable School, Middletown, NY - 19 March. 2008
    Onion Insects / IYSV Update. (view PowerPoint)

  • NOFA – 26th Annual Organic Farming & Gardening Conference, Saratoga, NY - 26 Jan. 2008
    Pest and Disease Management for Organic Apple. (view PowerPoint with audio)
  • Long Island Agricultural Forum, Riverhead, NY - 11 Jan. 2008
    Using Degree-Day Insect Developmental Models to Effectively Use Reduced Risk Insecticide Management Strategies (view PowerPoint with audio).
  • New England Vegetable and Fruit Conf., NH - 12 Dec., 2008
    Pear Psylla Management Alternatives in Northeast Orchards.
    Apple Pest Mgt, Using Precision Application Timings of Reduced Risk Insecticides
  • In-Depth Apple Pest  Management Workshop 2005-07
     Biology, life cycles, and pest management of major and minor fruit insect pests; toxicological mechanisms of new apple insecticides; uses of degree day predictive  modeling in apple production.
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